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Sport mit der Apple Watch - Trainiere effektiv deinen Körper und Geist - FURYCRY® | Tennis Streetwear
The Apple Watch is an innovative smartwatch that helps us exercise and live healthier lives. So if you want to keep your body fit and learn more about training options with the Apple Watch, you've come to the right place! In this blog we explain how you can effectively train your body and mind with the Apple Watch and which apps are required for this.

Benefits of the Apple Watch when exercising

The advantages of the Apple Watch during training are manifold. On the one hand, the watch is an excellent training companion. It is easy to use and offers an overview of all important measurement data during the training on the display and with Spotify you always have your playlist for the workout with you on your wrist.

On the other hand, you can pair your Apple Watch with your cell phone so that you can see all relevant messages on the smartwatch and you can leave your cell phone in your pocket.

Effective training with the Apple Watch

First of all, the Apple Watch does not do the training for you, it helps you to better understand your body so that you can better coordinate your training load , recovery phase and nutrition . If you have these parameters under control, you will achieve positive results faster .

In the following, we will show you why these three metrics are important for athletic success and which apps you can use to analyze them.

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Sleep and recovery for a powerful body

Sleep and rest are essential for any athlete and are often underestimated. Getting the right amount of sleep will allow the body to function optimally . This gives him more strength and endurance during training , so he can achieve better results faster.

To get a deeper understanding of your sleep and recovery, there are applications from Whoop and Athletic for the Apple Watch. The apps record your metrics like heart rate and breathing rate , giving you insight into how well you recovered while you were resting.

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Source: whoop

In addition, you have the possibility with the journal , which Whoop and Athlyitc offer you, to record your behavior (alcohol, stress, nutrition, etc.) on a daily basis. This way you'll be able to track how these habits are affecting your recovery .

On a scale from 0 to 100%, Whoop and Athlytic show you how well you recovered last night so you can plan your next workout.

Optimal load during training

Based on your recovery level , Whoop/Athlytic calculates what effort goal you need to achieve on any given day . The sums of all efforts such as fitness, tennis, travel, work stress, etc. are measured and included in the evaluation and displayed on your Smart Watch.

Whoop / Athletic helps you figure out when it's time for more recovery and when it's time for more intensity. So you can find the right balance with the Apple Watch and train effectively without overloading your body.

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Source: Athletic

Healthy eating: More control with a calorie counter

A healthy diet is essential for an active and sporty life . Eating well is important to support bodily functions and to provide our body with the nutrients it needs. A controlled food intake helps you to give your body the right amount of calories and nutrients and make it more efficient.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a calorie counter on your Apple Watch or smart phone.

Calorie counter apps like Yazio or My Fitness Pal can help you calculate the daily amount of calories, carbohydrates. Determine protein and fats by reading the information on the packaging of the food and entering it directly into the Apple Watch or smartphone. You can have a nutrition plan tailored to you.

Source: Yazio

Conclusion: Take advantage of the Apple Watch

In the past, only professional athletes could use expensive technology to record their training and thus gain an advantage in competition. Today you can do the same with the Apple Watch. The watch supports you with every step and shows you how to find the right balance between rest, exercise and a balanced diet.

There are also various apps that make training even more effective. The Apple Watch is therefore the perfect choice for anyone who likes to exercise and wants to improve their fitness level.

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Autor: Vegeta

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