FURYCRY - Balkan Origin

The Balkan mentality is a firework of passion, emotions and an irrepressible fighting spirit. The history of sport is marked by great personalities from the Balkans who have inspired people with their unwavering will and tireless passion.

My inspiration for FURYCRY is the greatest tennis athlete of all time, who wrote his legacy with his unparalleled passion and unwavering will. He showed that with strong faith and unwavering determination, you can overcome any challenge.

At Melbourne 2023 he taught us that the road to success can be hard and rocky, but that your dreams are worth fighting for and never giving up. "DARE TO DREAM".

We want to pass on the same inspiration with FURYCRY. Our goal is to be the first sports brand to represent the Balkan mentality internationally and to inspire the world with its incomparable spirit.

We believe that sport is a universal language that connects people from all cultures and backgrounds. That's why with FURYCRY we want to start a movement that inspires people to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

Ljubisav Burmazovic,