Inspired by epic duels on the world's tennis courts, the idea behind FURYCRY came to life in June 2019.

With the aim of taking the essence of tennis beyond the court, FURYCRY has decided to bring tennis-inspired fashion to the streets.

The designs reflect the aesthetics and relentlessness of the sport of tennis while maintaining an urban, street-ready feel.

The meaning of FURYCRY

The brand name FURYCRY stands for the irrepressible fighting spirit that arises within you during a challenge.

It symbolizes the explosive release of energy that allows you to briefly unleash your hidden potential and relentlessly and fearlessly overcome every limit - on and off the court.


At FURYCRY, the focus is not on triumph or defeat, but rather on the dedication and fortitude we need to be the best we can be to live a full life of integrity on and off the court.

Our goal is to inspire people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams, regardless of the challenges they face in life.

At FURYCRY we are convinced that you have the potential to surpass yourself and achieve extraordinary achievements.